Top 20 free resources for learning logo design

Design a logo your clients will love

In the rush to create a beautiful logo that will delight your fellow designers, it’s easy to forget that the main person you have to please is the person paying for it; the client. That’s not always so easy, especially when said client is a non-creative to whom the design process is a mystery. Here follows some great advice on building client approval into the logo design process, and keeping everyone on board. 

12. A designer's guide to creating a logo design brief

Ian Paget explains why you need a logo design brief and how to create one

Ian Paget explains why you need a logo design brief and how to create one

A logo design brief is an essential tool when designing a logo to keep your clients on board throughout the whole process. Ian Paget explains how to go about it.

13. 5 things to research before designing a logo 

Good logo design begins long before you put pen to paper or open up Illustrator. Here, Ian Paget emphasises the importance of good groundwork when embarking on a branding project, and explains what you need to do.

14. Logo design: questions to ask about the brand 

You need to get to know the company or product properly before you start designing its logo. Here, Martin Nilsson of Logosack offers a handy list of questions to ask first.

Ways to improve your logo design

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or how advanced your skills. There are always new ways to improve your logo design. So don’t rest on your laurels: follow these tips articles and seek out new ways to push the envelope in your logo design...

15. 6 ways to improve your logo design

However great you are at designing logos, you should never rest on your laurels. This post offers six pieces of advice to help you push the envelope further.

16. 18 tips to improve your logo design skills

This post is aimed at logo designers who, like top athletes, want to improve a little more, every day. It includes 18 pieces of advice aimed at helping you achieve the single most important goal of logo design – distinction.

17. 7 design hacks to improve your logo design

This collection of tips aimed at startups is actually relevant to all logo designs

This collection of tips aimed at startups is actually relevant to all logo designs

This thought-provoking post gathers together tips and feedback from a creative logo live-hacking workshop Yiying Lu recently led. The goal was to help startups better communicate their branding messages through simple yet effective design practices.

Finally, what worked as a logo design a few years ago may not be so successful now. Like it or not, trends in logo design are ever-changing. And while that doesn’t mean you have to follow them, it’s certainly helpful to know what they are. So it’s useful to check out these recent round-ups of the latest trends.

This post gathers together some of the biggest current trends in logo design; whether you’re inspired by them, or want to go in the opposite direction is entirely up to you, but it’s good to make an informed decision either way.

Cono Fusco looks behind the logo trends shaping 2017

Cono Fusco looks behind the logo trends shaping 2017

It’s not just about knowing the trends, you need to understand what’s behind them. Here, Cono Fusco, creative director for Deluxe Logo Design, gives context and consideration to the top logo trends shaping 2017.

In this post, 99Designs gazes into the future at nine popular logo trends, from simplification to unique typography to animation, and explains the thinking behind them.

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