5 UX/UI trends we want to see in 2021

ux trends
(Image credit: Francesca Griffiths)

No one could have predicted the sudden change in our day-to-day lives in 2020. In the digital universe, we at least had the advantage of being a non-physical contact world, so fortunately for many of us it was business as usual. If anything, it boosted us. Businesses have been increasingly appreciating how far digital can reach, and how instrumental it can be to running a business, especially when the face-to-face contact world is no longer possible. 

As a result, as we go into 2021, online services are more popular than ever, in areas from conferencing to online banking and appointment booking. We are seeing a new wave of users who are transitioning from their regular physical services to a digital solution. Now more than ever, UX/UI practitioners have a huge role to play to ensure we are creating a positive experience for the user by anticipating and fulfilling their needs. Here, we look at the trends we'd like to see in user experience and user interfaces in 2021. 

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Francesca Griffiths

Francesca is head of digital at EPM Agency. She designs and delivers excellent, intuitive journeys for customers. She is focused on putting the user at the heart of the experience and is led by research and data of user behaviours; constantly iterating to improve the customer journey.