Why design job titles have gone too far

ridiculous job titles: person with notebook and pen
(Image credit: Pixabay)

You may have heard about the fancy business card that describes a man who washes dishes at his local café as an ‘underwater ceramic technician’. I like this – I see it as a poignant poke at the over-elaborate, exaggerated and increasingly meaningless job titles we see more and more – especially in the creative industries. 

Ridiculous job titles are not a new phenomenon, though. They've been around a good while, lingering and flaring up every now and then like an annoying virus. Right now we seem to be in the throes of an epidemic. And it's probably not because people are able to make their own business cards and job titles with business card templates.

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In 1990, David, Bicknell, known as Bic, founded Tin Horse, a structural design agency working with the likes of BP and Unilever. Looking to further integrate 2D and 3D design, Bic then joined Blue Marlin to build an innovation offer, holding relationships with Shell, Numico, Cussons and Cadburys. Next, Bic co-founded Echo, an integrated design agency with Unilever, GSK, Molson Coors and O2 as clients. At Brown&co, Bic continues to champion an integrated approach to brand-design thinking.