Paint every colour with this ingenious pen

Scribbler pen paints the rainbow

This innovative pen is set to change the face of digital art - but could it be too good to be true?

One of the trickiest painting techniques when you're learning how to paint is getting an exact colour match – but some smart tech could be here to help. Scribble, the pen that detects the colour of an object and mixes ink to create that exact colour, is now available to pre-order.

Back in 2014, we reported on a brand new pen that can draw every colour in the world, but obstacles led to that iteration of the device being canned. Now, two years on, could we finally own a pen that works as a real-life Photoshop eye-dropper?

The original Scribble was part of a Kickstarter campaign, and despite receiving substantial backing, the project controversially remained only as a concept and all backers, who believed they were investing in the real-life pen of their dreams, were refunded.

According to the company's website, however, the working pen is now a reality and available as both a digital and traditional scribbler and stylus for all your illustrative needs, from precise line-work to painting/colouring.

Get ready to be wowed

The pen originally was set to contain "a colour sensor, CMYK (and white) inks, and a (tiny) 'mixing chamber'" and was designed to be both compatible for digital drawing and for traditional work.

The general premise has remained the same, but with a new, slicker design and some modifications. Instead of utilising CYMK, they have opted for RGB, making the device simpler.

Scribbler pen paints the rainbow - Stylus

The smart stylus comes with two different tips, for precise, lag-free drawing or writing on your mobile device.

So now you can scan whatever colours you see around you, and paired with an app, the tool will import that exact colour into your digital drawing. Or if you prefer the traditional route, you can scan and apply a colour straight onto good old fashioned paper. Pretty cool, huh?

With interchangeable nibs to suit various drawing styles, the device (assuming, this time, it actually makes it into the real world) is a set to be a game-changer. And, there's even a kids version: Motley, a modified stylus that's colourful, fun and easy to use.

Scribbler pen paints the rainbow - easy as 123

Scan anything from the real-world and the pen will act like Photoshop's eye-dropper tool, recreating the colour for you to draw with

Check out the site for full specifications and to pre-order. As it stands the pen is currently available for the discounted sum of $249 (regular price $399) and the stylus is going at $119 (regular price $199).

Let's hope the pen gets the release fans are so eager to see!

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