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39 InDesign tutorials to level up your skills

33. How white space can transform your layouts

Don't be tempted to overfill your layouts

Don't be tempted to overfill your layouts

Less is more when it comes to layouts; by incorporating white space into your work you'll transform your designs from crowded and fussy to streamlined and polished. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a simple two-sided flyer in Adobe InDesign, being sparing with placing your elements to create a contemporary, calming design.

34. Create special print finishes

InDesign: White space

Special finishes can transform a print design

If you're after something really unique, special finishes can transform a print design. In this guide, magazine designer Jo Gulliver talks through the processes for setting up artwork in InDesign for special finishes such as varnishes, foil blocking, embossing and die cutting. Each finish has some best practice guides you should follow, but once you get your head around creating one you should be able to easily apply this knowledge to the other processes.

35. Add interactivity to EPUBS

Add rich, interactive features to your fixed layouts

Add rich, interactive features to your fixed layouts

It is possible to use InDesign to create dynamic and engaging EPUB documents by adding rich interactive features. This tutorial shows you how to include slideshows, add buttons to trigger animation, add hyperlinks to your document, and more. It also explains how the EPUB Interactivity Preview panel can simplify your production process by giving you immediate feedback on how an animation might look when it's exported and viewed on a device.

36. Fix muddy gradients

InDesign: murky gradients

Learn how to stop your gradients looking murky

A muddy gradient – usually caused by using the default black – can ruin the look of your work. Here you'll learn a few ways to correct it in both CMYK and spot colour gradients.

37. Use a column grid to design a poster

InDesign tutorials

Master aligned typography with this grid poster design

In this tutorial Mark Bloom, aka Mash Creative, walks through how to create perfectly aligned typography using a column grid system for guidance.

38. Manage your assets properly

InDesign: organisation

Organisation is key

If you're combining a lot of assets in your design, it's essential to organise them properly of you'll end up in a pickle. In this InDesign tutorial, Luke O'Neill runs through how to create a poster for an imaginary exhibition called Sirens. This InDesign tutorial covers the creation of a simple logotype and grid, use of typography, image editing and pattern creation.

39.Create a 3D Typographic poster in InDesign and Photoshop

InDesign: 3D poster

Make a 3D poster

This five stage tutorial teaches you how to make this striking ink-in-water 3D poster. You'll need InDesign and Photoshop for this one.

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