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5 top T-shirts for typographers

If you're passionate about design and want everything you have - including what you wear - to be beautiful, then you're spoilt for choice in terms of great T-shirt designs. And if you have a love of lettering then you're especially blessed. New technlogy and easy access to ecommerce means that designers across the world who share your passion are busy creating a selection tees aimed squarely at type geeks. Here are five of the best...

01. Comic Sans

Opinions vary on the controversial font Comic Sans - does it have its uses or should it never, ever be used? If you're sitting on the fence, then diffuse the debate with this quirky tee (which, as you'll no doubt notice, doesn't actually use Comic Sans).

02. Not my type

Feel strongly against a particular font? Then stand up for your life lettering choices and let the world you're not to be pushed around, with this brilliant series of T-shirts. Note that there's no hypocrisy involved: the ‘Arial is Not My Type’ legend, for example, is written in Helvetica and the ‘Comic Sans is Not My Type’ tee is written in DaveGibbons.

03. Cooper Black

Like typography? Like typography based puns? Like Public Enemy? Then this devastatingly cool T-shirt is for you. The same shop has a Helvetica T-shirt that has a rude word in it, so check that one out too if you like your lettering laced with profanity.

04. Drop shadows not bombs

Another type tee shirt that plays on a pun, we like the sentiment behind this tee as much as its humour.

05. Quick Brown Fox

Not many T-shirts detail the exact point size used. This one does - does that make it the ultimate type geek tee? We'll leave you to decide that one...

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