Discover how to design for the Chinese market

Design Perspectives is a new resource for those wishing to design for the Chinese market

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, you'll know that Asia is becoming more and more important in every area of the design world. We've previously introduced you to some of the most inspiring designers in China today – but what is it that makes designing for the Chinese-speaking market different, and what do you need to know to get on board?

Well, a new bilingual site has just launched that promises to provide invaluable insights into this very question. Design Perspectives investigates design for the Chinese-speaking world and provides insights from leaders in this emerging market and emerging field of design.

Both Chinese and non-Chinese designers are contributing to the site

Articles already on the site include: 'The global stage for design is shifting eastward', 'Designs for the Chinese market do not have to look stereotypically Chinese', and 'Packaging is not about outer beauty, but about presenting the soul within'.

Contributors signed up so far include:

  • Aric Chen – curator of Design & Architecture, M+ Museum (Hong Kong)
  • Design industry legend Gijs Bakker – jeweller, industrial designer, scholar, critic (Netherlands)
  • Elliot Richards – founder of, a leading blog on Chinese design (China)
  • Jonathan Yuen – Roots Studio (Singapore)
  • Spencer Hung – Design Manager at leading Taiwanese cookware brand, JIA Inc (Taiwan)

Articles cover a wide range of hot issues in the Chinese design world
  • Jamy Yang – Jamy Yang Studios and Jamy Yang Design Museum (China)
  • Alison Appleton (who's been successful at entering the China market with her teapot designs) (England)
  • James Lin – Yuan Design, maker of new-era chopsticks (Taiwan)
  • Tilman Thürmer – Coordination Asia, responsible for a number of key public projects in China including the new Shanghai Film Museum (China)
  • Grace Wang – manager of VVG Lifestyle Village, a group of leading F&B and retail businesses in Taipei (Taiwan)
  • Dr Brandon Gien – CEO, Good Design Australia; President, ICSID

We're impressed by the quality of articles on the site so far, and it looks like being a must-bookmark resource for anyone interested in designing for the Asian market. Check out the site here.