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Google Doodle celebrates the London Underground

Opening on January 9, 1863, today marks the 150th anniversary of the bustling lines of the London Underground railway system. Not only is it a must-use for day-to-day commuters, the likes of the Victoria, Northern, and Bakerloo lines have become icons in their own right and one of London's staple attractions.

google doodle

The original London tube map was designed by Harry Beck

Despite opening decades earlier, the design for the underground map wasn't created until 1933 - indeed, the map celebrates its own 80th anniversary this year. The tube map's original simple yet stunning design was created by an underground electric draughtsman who went by the name of Harry Beck.

A British design classic

It has gone on to become one of Britain's design classics and a favourite among designers. Andy Thomas of HUGE says, "No transport system in the world has anything so immediately recongnisable and iconic, despite its flaws."

The early 'infographic' design takes on a new form in today's Google Doodle, with the company taking over the colour-focused lines. This is yet another brilliant example of Google's creativity.

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