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News in pictures: the Iconic Times

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Love icons? Love aggregated news? Then you'll love this site

We're all guilty of having short attention spans when it comes to reading lengthly articles on the internet. We all lead such increasingly busy lives, there's hardly time to catch up on our own personal chores, let alone the daily news.

That's where the Icon Times comes in: creating an original icon design for each and every news headline. Which means - in theory at least - you should be able to grasp what the story's about before you've read a single word.

There's a specially created icon for each story on the Icons Times website

There's a specially created icon for each story on the Icons Times website

Designed by Parisian illustrator Sylvan Boyer, the website boast a clear layout and a superb collection of icon designs, each of which takes around 20-30 minutes to create.

As most news stories are on divisive subjects, Sylvan is careful in his approach and manages to distill down the essence of the news reports without restorting to stereotypes.

We wonder if this a sign of things to come in news distribution. It's certainly a site worth keeping an eye on, for its entertainment value alone...

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You can see more icons and news at the Icon Times site.

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