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Newspaper's flipping brilliant print ads

guardian advertising

Voice your view with this striking advertising campaign

Known as one of the most liberal newspapers in Britain, The Guardian will soon launch in America. Any broadsheet newspaper needs to have a striking advertising campaign to attract a new audience and The Guardian has certainly pulled out all the stops with this one (and you can find more in our round up of other great print ads).  

Using illustrations by Noma Bar, the posters depict both sides of core political debates in the US, such as internet privacy, gun control, women in the military and the use of condoms in the adult film industry. Appearing at key locations throughout the country as outdoor ads and mobile billboards, each illustration represents one opinion of the issue. When the poster is flipped, it effortlessly illustrates the opposite view.

Of course, they've been clever enough to include a social media aspect within the campaign. People are encouraged to take a photo of the side they support and upload the photo to their Instagram and/or Twitter account using the hashtag #VoiceYourView. A microsite captures the voting on all the issues, making for a truly thought-provoking and original campaign.

guardian advertising

guardian advertising

guardian advertising

Head over to the Guardian microsite to get the bigger picture.

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