Why finding the dream client is so hard

Ideal client venn diagram

This candid diagram speaks the truth

The life of a jobbing creative can be filled with problems – from how to network to designing the perfect creative resume – and while there are plenty of ways to really annoy a graphic designer, a huge amount of frustration often comes from trying to find the right clients.

With that in mind, we came across this venn diagram showing the struggle every creative faces at one time or another, which is sure to give designers a laugh and clients a wake-up call, maybe. Do you want to sacrifice creative freedom for stability? Or maybe you'll have to choose stress-free deadlines over money? Whichever choice you go for, you'll be losing out somewhere else.

If this graphic's hitting too close to the bone, don't worry. Choosing the best priority is a dilemma faced by designers everywhere, at every point in their careers. So why do we keep it? So that one day, we'll hit that sweet balance in the middle.

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