Why the eye-popping new issue of Computer Arts is a collector's item

The latest issue of Computer Arts is on sale – and if you appreciate the incredible tactile power of print as well as the stunning innovation possible with digital, you're in for an eye-popping treat.

Phenomenally talented illustrator and paper engineer Helen Friel has hijacked the cover of Computer Arts issue 239.

She's handcrafted a striking double-sided print/digital diorama that's been embellished with an explosion of exciting special finishes – including a slick emboss, textured deboss and selection of varnishes (courtesy of our friends at Celloglas).

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A spinning Hyperlapse video of the creative process, meanwhile, transforms the cover of the interactive version of issue 239 into a true celebration of all things digital.

Together, both media are being pushed to their absolute limits to make the magazine a beautiful, one-off collector's item.

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Notions of ‘corrupted’ and ‘warped’ are redefined in the Culture section

Inside, the contents are just as exciting. Branding legend Michael Johnson of johnson banks joins a panel of leading designers to discuss how to create your best ever branding; and discover 20 ways to enhance your print and digital projects.

Fresh from the Oscar-winning set of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Annie Atkins talks Wes Anderson, fake newspapers and running on set

Also, meet the Oscar-winning prop designer Annie Atkins; go behind the scenes on the most innovative new design projects; and much more – scroll down to find out what else is inside this month's magazine.

Save up to 59% on Computer Arts!

The good news is that if you're quick you can save up to a whopping 59per cent with a subscription to Computer Arts.

Get 38 per cent off a print subscription, 45 per cent off a digital subscription – and save a massive 59 per cent on a print and digital bundle, which gives you all the tactile benefits of print alongside the bonus digital content inside the interactive edition.

Inside CA issue 239...

  • 20 ways to enhance your print and digital projects
  • How to create your best-ever branding: why working more closely with your clients will improve all your projects
  • Graphic designer and prop-maker Annie Atkins talks typography, running on set and what it was like working with Wes Anderson on The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Roll out a nationwide rebrand: behind the scenes on Langland’s large-scale rebrand of Co-operative Pharmacy
  • Discover the interactive techniques you need to know about
  • How to design without limits: Gregory Bonner Hale reveals the secrets of truly cross-platform branding
  • All the best new design, illustration and motion graphics work
  • Much, much more...

The most exciting new design, illustration and motion graphics work from around the world

Add some extra print and digital zing to your design projects, with this issue's special report

How embracing a collaborative approach to design can boost your branding projects

Discover the best creative haunts in Berlin

How healthcare ad agency Langland created a name and brand for a chain of pharmacies, using custom type and overlapping colours