The keyboard made especially for Photoshop users

Are you fingers aching? Feel like you've playing Twister with your hand, using all those complicated Photoshop shortcuts for hours on end? Then this keyboard could be the answer to your woes.

The Keyboard S features 319 individual keys, and 299 of them can be used to perform the most common Photoshop shortcuts, bringing the software's tools, filters and functions to your screen with the minimum of effort. The remaining 20 keys are customizable, so you can program them to perform the specific functions you use most often.

Are you wedded to the traditional shortcuts, or ready to learn a new workflow?

At 15.86x12.04x0.31 inches, the slim and flat keyboard will take up a little more room on your desk than a normal keyboard. But the team behind it reckon it can save you hours of time working in Photoshop.

By reducing the number of times you need to take your hand off the mouse, the design aims to make you work at a much quicker pace. "Using this dedicated keyboard is very, very easy for a beginner to start working with Photoshop, increases the creativity for a middle level user and the professionals will be at least 30 per cent faster," the team claims.

The project has 52 days to achieve its funding goal

A Kickstarter project, with a funding goal of $185,280, the makers are offering the keyboard to early backers for just $89. If it's a success, they plan to create keyboards dedicated to other software. Could this be herald a future trend of bespoke keyboard designs for graphic designers?

Learn more about the Photoshop keyboard on the Kickstarter page.

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