How to design a stylised Japanese cyborg in Procreate

How to design a stylised Japanese cyborg in Procreate
(Image credit: DaCosta Bayley)

In this workshop, I’ll walk you through the basic steps I follow when creating my art in Procreate, from start to finish. I begin with canvas size and resolution, set-up with high-quality print outputs in mind. With Procreate, you must balance the canvas size and resolution with the desired output needs.

I wanted to design a mechanised version of the classic beckoning cat, also known as the maneki-neko in Japanese. Traditionally the right paw is raised to signify an invitation to money and happiness, and the left paw is for good people. For me, a big-headed Frankenstein cyborg cat with weaponised limbs felt just so disturbingly fun to create. (To get you started check out our guide to the best drawing tablets to get you set up for success). 

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DaCosta Bayley

DaCosta is a self-driven, award-winning illustrator, art director, and writer who has an insatiable love of storytelling and all things robotic. He works under the studio name CHOCOLATE SOOP Inc.