Create stunning tileable textures in Blender

In this Blender tutorial, we'll give you a step by step guide to creating tileable textures in your 3D art using the tool's Dynamic Topology system. Blender offers some really nice sculpting tools, with a good Dynamic Topology system that enables you to generate geometry – as well as add and remove details. Although ZBrush's DynaMesh enables you to sculpt without constraint, you often still need to update your mesh in order to sculpt further. 

Blender's Dynamic Topology sculpting, however, generates geometry on the fly, allowing you to increase or remove details on parts of your mesh, without needing to flood fill the model with the same volume of polygons; one of the big strengths of Blender's sculpting tools. It also includes a smooth tile system in Sculpt mode, which we'll be looking at this during the tutorial.

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Pierrick is a freelancer 3D artist and founder of P2design. He's a Blender foundation certified trainer and also produces tutorials and digital courses.