How to draw a fox using pastels

how to draw a fox - image of a fox in pastels
(Image credit: Rebecca de Mendonça)

In this tutorial I am going to show you how I draw a cunning and alert fox with soft pastels, charcoal, Conté crayons and pastel pencils. I want to share with you how I work on the whole piece, building up darks and lights to create the form, and then continue to refine this initial drawing and gradually work into areas of detail.

At each stage I stand back (or sit at the other side of the room with a cup of coffee) and assess how the piece is going, so I can constantly tweak it as I go along. I like to think that this results in a unified and balanced piece of work. We can create many different textures by varying our materials, from very soft Unison pastels, to hard Conté crayons and pastel pencils

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Rebecca de Mendonça

Rebecca specialises in pastels, producing lively and energetic work. She teaches around the UK and in Italy, and co-founded The New Pastel School. Her book Pastels for the Absolute Beginner, published by Search Press, is available now.