How to draw hips, bottom and genitals

how to draw hips, bottom and genitalia
(Image credit: Lancelot Richardson)

Learning how to draw the hips, bottom and genitalia can be quite complex. The pelvic region is the juncture between the torso and the legs, lending it a fair amount of structural complexity despite its apparent simplicity. Many muscles in the legs and torso anchor at the pelvis, making it vital for describing complex and dynamic poses.

A lot of the difficulties of drawing this part of the body stem from misunderstanding how the legs attach to the torso. One common issue is creating a fork with the legs – like a stick man – which doesn’t account for the top of the leg attaching to the side of the pelvis. When this is taken into account, alongside the way the muscles of the leg attach to the pelvis, you should start to notice it on the figure. See our how to draw legs tutorial for more pointers on legs.

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Lancelot Richardson

Lancelot Richardson is an artist, painter, and freelance illustrator based in Brighton, UK. He tutors life drawing at independent art school Draw Brighton, and teaches in their online Patreon courses. He is also a freelance writer, producing articles on art and drawing. He works in both traditional and digital mediums.