How to master 3D fan art

After watching the first season of the TV series Daredevil, I knew I had to make my own 3D art of the Daredevil character wearing his black vigilante suit. For this scene I really tried to create a likeness of the actor Charlie Cox and get the overall dark feeling of the show. Creating that feeling was actually more complex than I imagined, since it’s very dark and contrasty. I therefore had to tweak a lot of the lighting and the shaders to get the look I wanted.

First, I planned my scene and my composition, gathered a lot of images from the show and concept art of the Daredevil comics, then I started breaking down what tools I would need to complete my character. From the beginning, I knew the most challenging process would be creating the rain and 'wetness' because of the amount of machine resources used to achieve this.

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Rafael De Leon is a freelance character artist and teacher of organic modelling and texturing. He's worked on a range of projects, including a 3D TV series, feature films, short films , video games and advertising.