How to restore old photos

How to restore old photos: Photomyne Light Pad
(Image credit: Photomyne)

In your attic, cupboards or basement, you may have boxes full of old photos that haven’t been seen for years (or even decades). You may also have envelopes full of negatives. Some of your prints may be easier to access in physical photo albums, but, over the decades, time and chemical reactions often cause colours to shift in hue and tones to fade. Other well-loved (and well-handled) prints may suffer from tears, scratches and even coffee stains. You may also have photos stored on long-lost memory card formats that you can’t access.

Fortunately it’s never been easier to digitise these precious assets and share them as prints or post them on social media sites to delight friends, family members and followers. These days, practically everything is recoverable and digitizable, whether it's an old file from a long-obsolete digital camera, or a years-old print from one of the best instant cameras.

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