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HTML5 collaborative brainstorming tool is a creative new tool for you to drag-n-drop rich media files, links, and documents onto a big HTML5 drawing board, which is a great way to collect inspiration and gather thoughts. It also supports collaboration that allows designers to brainstorm cool ideas remotely. Plus, it is optimized for iPad and made gesture-friendly.

HTML5 - Murally

Gathering and sorting ideas and resources in different formats supports a wide range of formats. You can either upload images, videos, PDFs, docs, and so on, or paste links from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, and any web page to generate an intuitive preview. Similar to Prezi, the user could easily find all the resources and splash them on the screen, then define how to present them.

Ideation tool

But is not just designed as a pinboard like Pinterest - its main goal is gathering and organizing ideas. According CEO and co-founder Mariano Suarez Battan,’s goal is to become the Github of visual ideation.

HTML5 - Murally

Craft a game idea using

HTML5 - Murally

Overview of the whole sketch

In, anyone can join you to edit and collaborate, and changes are reflected on the board in real-time. Just send an e-mail invitation or set up a password for the board and you are ready to go. Tools like this are lighter than some of the more traditional brainstorming tools, and if you're new to collborative brainstorming then this could be a good place to get started.

Words: Justin He

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