50 brilliant Pinterest boards

Being entirely image-focused, Pinterest is a brilliant place to find creative inspiration. But being an enormously popular site, there's also an awful lot to wade through. To save you the time and energy involved in searching for the best stuff, here we handpick our selection of the very best Pinterest boards so you don't have to. And we've grouped our favourites under graphic design, logos, packaging, typography, branding and print design to make it even easier...

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Graphic design

Joy Cho

Designer Joy Cho's Pinterest account is overflowing with inspirational imagery

Designer Joy Cho's Pinterest account is overflowing with inspirational imagery

It's not hard to see why designer, blogger and food enthusiast Joy Cho has over 13 million followers on Pinterest. Overflowing with inspirational imagery, including 92 boards and over 10,000 pins in every design-related subject you can think of, Cho's account has something for everyone.

Jim McCauley

best pinterest boards

This work may feature on our Design Spring app

Jim is your go-to man if you'd like to feature your work on the Creative Bloq app Design Spring. This Pinterest board is full of all his finds and features work that might soon appear as a Design Spring pick.

Brandon Lesley

Brandon Lesley's graphic design board features nearly 7000 pins of design projects for you to browse through

Brandon Lesley describes himself as a "creative director, designer, photographer, music nerd and documenter of fine design". The latter proved through his brilliant collection of inspiring images on Pinterest. With 13 boards to browse through, his most popular - with nearly 550,000 followers - is this graphic design and typography collection, which has nearly 7000 pins of gorgeous design projects.

Kayla Meyer

Pinterest boards

You'll find plenty of awesome poster design examples on this Pinterest board

Having to convey a brand, idea or piece of information in a restricted space, with minimal fuss or detail, the best poster designs can be a huge source of inspiration to the graphic designer. And you'll find plenty of awesome examples on this Pinterest board from Kayla Meyer, a graphic designer from Austin.

Meyer is known for illustrating sayings in a fun manner, as well as being a lover of sketching animals, in particular owls and whales. She also owns a print and poster store, called 'Owl You Need Is Love'.

Josephine Reijman

Josephine Reijman is the owner of aDONNAdesign

Josephine Reijman is the owner of aDONNAdesign, currently based in the Netherlands. Specialising in graphic and web design, it comes as no surprise that Josephine's graphic design board is full of treats. With almost 200 pins on the board, there's plenty of inspiration to go round.

Carolina Beiertz

Carolina is an avid Pinterest user with boards coming out of her ears

Carolina Beiertz is an avid Pinterest user with boards coming out of her ears. We're not complaining though, as there's so much inspiration to gain from her pins. She includes anything that inspires her, including websites, interiors, and this fantastic graphic design board. There's almost 200 pins to enjoy!

Sean Booth

Sean's board is full of stunning design work including magazines, prints and posters

Sean Booth describes himself as a Manchester-based conceptual creative, art director, ideas person, and brand specialist. This should mean that he knows a thing or two about graphic design and thankfully, he does! His board is full of stunning design work including magazines, prints, and posters.

Severien Van Dam

Severien is a lover of fashion, which has allowed her to dive into the world of graphic design

Severien is a lover of fashion, which has allowed her to dive into the world of graphic design. Although she only has 36 pins so far, her picks are some of the best. This board will act as perfect inspiration for anyone that is just getting into design.

Christopher King

Chris creates hand-drawn & digital artwork for posters, flyers, books and toys

Christopher 'Wing' King is a commercial illustrator and designer based in Bristol, UK. He creates hand-drawn and digital artwork for posters, flyers, books, toys, and advertising clients. His Pinterest board is full of illustration inspiration from the likes of classic illustrators to his very own projects.

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Nick Karn

If you're a fan of pop art then you should definitely check out Nick Karn's illustration board

If you're a fan of pop art then you should definitely check out Nick Karn's illustration board

Nick Karn's illustration board is definitely one for all the pop art fans out there. With over 350 pins, here you'll find a whole load of modern graphic artwork, which references everything from comics and movies to fashion and technology.

Maia McDonald

Maia McDonald's selection of illustrations has attracted over 1.5 million followers

Maia McDonald's selection of illustrations has attracted over 1.5 million followers

Graphic designer Maia McDonald has a stunning set of images in her artwork and illustrations Pinterest board. Of the 1500 pins featured, the large majority are drawings and paintings, created using pinks and warm colours.

Paula Cevasco

This gorgeous collection of illustrations includes tattoo designs, graphic prints, oil paintings and much more

With over 200,000 followers on Pinterest, you know Paula Cavasco's boards are going to be worth a look. The Argentinian graphic designer has over 30 boards to browse through, including this art collection, which includes tattoo designs, graphic prints, oil paintings, sketches and much more.

Lisa Welding

Lisa Welding's illustration board features over 400 beautiful images

If you love illustration then you should definitely follow this Pinterest board by Lisa Welding. There's sketches and paintings of all manner of subjects. And with over 400 inspiring images to browse through, you're sure to find something of interest here.

Logo design

Daniel Abrahams

best pinterest boards

Daniel's 'logo design' board has proved most popular with his followers

Daniel has a huge array of Pinterest boards on offer but it's his logo designs one that has proved the most popular. It's easy to see why, as he is able to pin almost any type of logo design that works - they're all highly inspirational, with some real gems in there.

Manuel T.

Manuel is a 26 year old who describes himself as a 'web alchemist'. Passionate about visual and interactive applications, he currently offers services in graphic and sound design. If you are looking for trendy logo inspiration then his brilliantly self-explanatory ‘Hipster Logos’ Pinterest board is the one for you.

Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov has over 450 logo pins on his board

Igor runs design blog inspiration feed, which showcases daily inspirational imagery including packaging, branding, illustration, graphic design, print design and more. His logo design board on Pinterest as over 450 pins, so it's well worth checking out.

Graham Smith

Graham Smith has been designing logos since 1986

Graham Smith commands imjustcreative - a UK based logo, brand identity and icon design studio. He has been crafting logos since 1986 and his pinterest board is an interesting look into the inspirational aspect of a working logo designer.

Mike Jones

We can see Mike Jones' board gaining more and more followers

Mike Jones describes himself as a web architect, graphic designer, brand strategist and idea maker. He has been working professionally in graphic design and marketing in one way, shape, or form for the past seven years. His Pinterest board has been gaining more and more followers by the day.

Lisa Fargo

Lisa Fargo's philosophy is highlighted in her Pinterest board

Lisa Fargo runs Fargo design - an agency which focuses on web design, print design and custom programming. Their Disney philosophy of, "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”, definitely sums up her Pinterest board.

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Rebecca Williams

best pinterest boards

Rebecca's print design board has almost 1,000 pins

Rebecca Williams is a graphic designer and creative soul with a love for design, art, couture. She has a whole host of inspiring boards including graphic design finds, typography treats and more. We love her series of print design finds that has almost 1,000 pins.

Hazim Al Radadi

Hazim took a drastic career change from chemical engineer to graphic design to follow his true passion. The Saudi Arabian self-taught designer started his own agency, HR Design, in 2005. His Pinterest board is big on marketing promotions and corporate identity design.

Emma Farley

Emma is a blogger of entertainment, culture and lifestyle

Emma is a blogger of entertainment, culture and lifestyle. Her Pinterest boards include everything from art and animals to fashion and food. We fell in love with her magazine covers board that includes some old favourites as well as some fresh talent. She seems to pin A LOT, so there'll always be something new to feast your eyes upon.

Chad Syme

Chad Syme is nearing 600,000 followers for his Pinterest boards

With almost 600,000 followers on Pinterest, you know that Chad Syme will be pinning images worth checking out. He's a visual designer and photographer who is currently working with Microsoft and Xbox, so the guy certainly knows what he's talking about.

Jessie Tyree

Check out Jessie Tyree's Print board for ultimate inspiration

Jessie Tyree is a recent graduate of Fine Arts from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She describes herself as a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, storyteller, and all-around random artist-type of person. Her board is full of inspiring print imagery.

Thiago Hapner

Looking for a mixture of print design styles? Check out Thiago Hapner's board

Thiago hails from Curitiba, Brazil and has slowly but surely been gaining followers to his Pinterest boards over the past few months. His print design board is particularly inspiring, as it features a range of mediums including illustration and vector work.

Rua Arnold

Rua Arnold has an eye for great print design

Rua Arnold is a graphic designer making her way in the world in Des Moines, Iowa. She says that she, "gets so excited by good design that her eyes dilate", and her taste is for good design is echoed in her print design board. There's some stunning imagery here.

Leah Dent

After some cool poster designs? Check out Leah Dent's A and 1 board

After some cool poster designs? Check out Leah Dent's A and 1 board

Designer Leah Dent's A and 1 board references not only the paper size featured on this board but what she considers to be the best in print. Featuring 45 gorgeous poster designs, you sure to find some inspiration here.

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Steve Nealy

As a creative director of brand development agency twentytwo.biz, Nealy is experienced in all media and is as passionate about his work as he was when he first arrived in the business. His Pinterest board 'Design Identity' is great source of inspiration when it comes to branding, featuring logos, posters, flyers and more.

Joe Stone

We decided to feature Joe's branding board due to the beautiful selections

Joe Stone is a regular contributor here at Creative Bloq, so it was only right to include his Pinterest board. Describing himself as a graphic designer, illustrator and huge comic book nerd, Joe's boards include user interface, gig posters and book covers. We decided to feature his branding board due to the beautiful selections.

Fiorela Larrea

Quality not quantity is the motto for Fiorela Larrea's board

Fiorela Larrea is a freelance creative professional with a multiplying arsenal of software skills. Although her branding board only contains 44 pins at presents, they're mighty fine ones. Her love for vintage branding shines through and acts as perfect inspiration.

Gábor Magasvári

Gábor's Pinterest board features an array of branding styles

Gábor Magasvári is a designer based in Budapest with a love for all things brand. His board is full of logos, packaging and branding from all aspects including business cards, brochures, and tote bags.

Charlene Koh

If you're looking for cute and girlie branding, then head to Charlene's board

Charlene Koh thinks of herself as a dreamer, wanderer, and all-round maker. Her branding board is full of cutesy, clean cut offerings that'll get your branding muscles flexing in no time.

Abby Barnett

Abby Barnett's love of vintage styles shines through in her branding board

Abby Barnett is a sought-after custom designer with lifelong passions for design, fashion, vintage and antique finds, and decorating. She is head of Flair designery - a paper and design studio that welcomes commissions from birthday parties, weddings and more.


Jennifer Chong

Browse through 225 inspirational images on Jennifer Chong's type and lettering Pinterest board

Browse through 225 inspirational images on Jennifer Chong's type and lettering Pinterest board

Designer Jennifer Chong's type and lettering Pinterest board features over 200 pins of all manner of type-related projects. From calendars and magazine covers to business cards and typography cookies, you're sure to find something of interest here.

Sneh Roy

best pinterest boards

Get an infinite amount of typography inspiration with this board

Sneh Roy is a designer, photographer and blogger who regularly contributes to Cook Republic. Her Pinterest boards are full of varying inspirational finds but its this typography offering that caught our eye.

Hrvoje Grubisic

If you like typography, then you'll love this gorgeous collection of vintage designs

With a passion for typography, design and illustration, these subjects dominate Hrvoje Grubisic's Pinterest account. However, typography is infront here, with over 300 pins of inspirational imagery. Our favourite is his gorgeous collection of vintage typography, which, quite rightly, has a board all to itself.

Laura Bolter

Laura Bolter is a illustrator and graphic designer with more than 20 years' experience who creates invitations, cards and announcements. On Pinterest she's assembled a great board entitled ‘Words of Wisdom and Nice Type’. Get ready to be inspired by her superb collection of typography out in the wild.

David Brainer-Banker

David's Pinterest boards also include colour palettes and visual and home inspirations

David is a designer, developer and lover of typography. Currently working for design agency Brainer+Banker, his Pinterest boards also include colour palettes, visual and home inspirations as well as places to visit. His typography board is a great source of inspiration.

Design Quixotic

With over 1,000 pins, Thea Kennedy's board is a mountain of inspiration

Design Quixotic is the alias of art director and designer Thea Kennedy. With over 1000 pins and 53,000 followers, her typography Pinterest board is a feast for the eyes. The mixture of styles that feature from prints to magazines and books to branding, the board aids typography inspiration perfectly.

Niki Blaker

Niki Blaker showcases her design knowledge with her typography board

By day, Niki Blaker works as a visual designer at Forty and by night, she heads her own freelance agency Blaker Design. As an active member of the Phoenix Design Community, her Pinterest board is well worth checking out.

Ashley Richfield

Ashley Richfield's typography board is certainly one to watch

Ashley Richfield is a self proclaimed 'creative-type', with a weakness for all things beautiful. She's a regular Instagram user but it's her Pinterest typography board that caught our eye. With 324 pins so far, there's plenty to be getting your teeth into.

Joel Ng

Joel Ng offers an alternative typography board with the sole focus on the ampersand

Joel Ng is an art director and graphic designer based in Singapore and states that he loves, "all the beautfiul little things in life". We love his take on a Pinterest typography board, with a specific look at the ampersand. We never knew it could come in so many styles!

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Guillaume Galante

best pinterest boards

All of Guillaume's boards are worth checking out

Guillaume is a young graphic designer based in Paris. He uses Pinterest as his online source of inspiration and has a number of boards worth checking out. His packaging board is full of incredible finds that make use of typography and inventive graphic design.

Eva Morell

Pinterest boards

Freelance graphic designer Eva Morell's packaging board is overflowing with inspirational examples

Based in Spain, Eva Morell is a freelance graphic designer who loves all things design. Her Pinterest account has over 100 boards, full of delicious images. One of her most popular is this packaging board, which, featuring nearly 200 pins, is overflowing with inspirational imagery.

Blair Thompson

Blair's selections offer a vast array of packaging styles

Blair Thompson is a designer based in Exeter. He is currently part of brand design agency Believe In, who deliver engaging, provocative, and effective brand experiences. With over 2,000 Pinterest followers, it's clear that Blair knows a thing or two about the packaging world. His selections offer a vast array of packaging styles.

Marketing for Breakfast

Kelly Mercer is the founder of marketing specialists Marketing for Breakfast

Kelly Mercer is an entreprenuer, blogger, marketer, web/graphic designer, and handmade artist based in Wilmington, North Carolina. She is the founder of marketing specialists Marketing for Breakfast and her Pinterest boards are full to the brim with brilliant design.

Bev Missing

Bev Missing is a packaging guru who's well worth listening to

Bev Missing is the founder of bath and body product brand RAIN, with the products and packaging both created using only handmade techniques. Bev definitely has an eye for exquisite packaging, as her Pinterest board is full of beautiful creations.

Airamzul Alfano

Airamzul soughts out the packaging gems that you might miss

Airamzul Alfano mainly focuses her work on photography, digital photo manipulation, and graphic design. With an eye for attention to detail, we love her quirky finds on her packaging Pinterest board.

Ophelia Quixote

Ophelia gives a burst of colour on her packaging Pinterest board

Ophelia is a Pinterest user that is regularly featured on 'boards to follow' lists. We can see why, as her love of colour and originality bursts out from her pins. We can definitely see her love of the color red, monsters, bicycles, and toy cameras making their mark.

Kingsley Harris

Be sure to check out Kingsley's 'Packaging Pick of the Day' board

Kingsley Harris describes himself as a collector, maker, designer, father and craft beer enthusiast. He also heads boutique design agency Freshthrills, which is located in Brooklyn. He also has a 'Packaging Pick of the Day' board that we highly recommend!

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