Meet the alien samurai children hunters from France

Alien samurai children hunters from France!

I have a very graphical approach to my pictures, mixing very flat elements with indications of space. I love the purity you get in black and white.

Emmanuel Malin is a freelance illustrator and fine artist based in Paris.

He studied architectural and medical illustration, before dedicating himself to his personal work. Mostly, his personal projects involve drawing for comics, magazines and animation.

His work has also appeared in the prestigious Spectrum annuals. Here he speaks of some of his favourite sketches.


Alien samurai children hunters from France!

A sketch for the Dolor issue 1, published by Rotopol Press. It's part of a four-picture story.

When I am given enough freddom with the subject of my sketches, I like to allude to my training as a medical and scientific illustrator.

Here, the story about the last and deadly trip of a junkie was a good occassion to do so.

Imperial guard

Alien samurai children hunters from France!

This picture was done for practising my black and white skills. These little flying fellows are tiny but deadly, unlike their big, clumsy companion.

Space girly

Alien samurai children hunters from France!

Half kid, half woman, she still has no name...


Alien samurai children hunters from France!

A sketch on the theme of education, playing a bit with scales. I love to draw the line work and then bring it to Photoshop for inking.

To me, inking is a bit like sculpting; I add black, then remove some of it, add some more, until I get the right balance.

It's a very intuitive way to work, and I never know where I am going until it is done, or until I decide it is done.

Alien samurai children hunters from France!

My personal version of Pandora's Box, with a pinch of tribute to HP Lovecraft, done for Mikosa Press.

Spatial suits

Alien samurai children hunters from France!

These sketches were done for a comics project, settled in a twisted sci-fi universe.

I love to deal with masks, helmets, armour; they are a good challenge to create a personality only through pure design and body language.

The Lecture

Alien samurai children hunters from France!

A Ram God giving a lecture to some worshippers and birds. Once again, you can see I had fun drawing some bones
and organs!

Words: Emmanuel Malin

Emmanuel is a French artist with a background in medical and architectural illustration, and a stint as an art director in the games industry under his belt. This article originally appeared in ImagineFX issue 34.

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