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Brilliant Apple Pencil-created monsters transform everyday life

Apple Pencil Monsters

We'll never look at a butternut squash in the same way again

The Apple Pencil and iPad Pro have opened up a new range of creative opportunities for artists and designers. Thanks to its sensitivity the Apple Pencil can be used to create pixel perfect pictures, or in the hands of illustrator Jasper StAubyn West, monstrous doodle art.

Apple Pencil Monsters

This explains why the trains are always delayed

Drawn every day during March as part of a monthly challenge, these humorous sketches give mundane pictures of daily life a quirky twist. Monsters in the subway, faces in food, even facehuggers in the fridge, Jasper's Instagram feed has got them all.

Apple Pencil monsters

Jasper's monsters were created as part of a monthly challenge

Sometimes subtle, sometimes sarcastic, these cartoony pictures channel Jasper's imagination and dry sense of humour. Part of their popularity might be that we all use our imagination to escape boring situations, and now we can see these thoughts brought to life.

Apple Pencil monsters

The illustrations are gaining a big following on Instagram

Created alongside his other talents as an animator, motionographer, photographer and musician, these sketches also show how easy the Apple Pencil is to use. Add a few clever lines to some of your Instagram pictures and who knows, maybe you could build a following like Jasper.

Apple Pencil monsters

Multitalented Jasper is an artist, animator, and photographer

It's a sign of Jasper's skills as an artist that he can inject imagination into even the most boring of pictures. To stay on top of his latest projects, plus his blog of scribble art, be sure to head over to his site:

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