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Top artists give a modern twist to a holiday tradition

Yule Log

The project sees artists create a short film based on the WPIX-11 Yule Log

This Yule Log project, created by Daniel Savage, is a festive inspiration but not as you know it. Starting back in 2013, 66 artists from all different disciplines across the world were invited to reimagine New York's yearly WPIX 11 Yule Log program with a short film.

"For the third season in a row we've invited artists from around the world to re-imagine the traditional Yule log and bring one of the season's greatest customs into the modern age. With Yule Log 2.015, enjoy burning brand new wildly-surprising, festive-inducing, merriment-making, cheer-bringing Yule Logs."

Featuring the frightful, the adorable and the inspiring, it's a delight to witness so many different styles in one place. Head to the Yule Log website to see the wide range of films on offer.

Yule Log

All different disciplines are included

Yule Log

The artists put their own spin on the traditional Yule Log

Yule Log

Find your favourite film on the Yule Log website

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