Spoof Star Wars posters make the perfect playful Christmas gift

spaceballs tribute

If you're a big fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, you'll more than likely have seen Mel Brooks' 1980's parody, Space Balls. The flick, a clever spoof that cleverly pokes fun out of a number of sci-fi classics, including Alien, Planet of the Apes and even Star Trek, has become a cult classic.

Although sequels to the comedy have been discussed, only an animated series ever came into fruition. But this, however, doesn't stop fans from dreaming.

Artist Joshua Budich has collaborated with Nakatomi Inc to re-imagine graphic designer Olly Moss' stunning limited edition screenprinted original triology posters as Spaceballs: The Schwartz Awakens.

The posters feature three silhouettes of the original Spaceballs characters: Dot Matrix (a parody of C-3PO), Barfolomew (spoof of Wookie, Chewbacca) and Dark Helmet (we think you can guess who that is).

These four-colour, hand-printed 18x24 print will are produced in-house at Nakatomi on toned paper. Only 100 individual prints will be sold for each design, and they are also available as a matched number three-print set.

Check out Nakatomi Inc now, and go ahead and treat your favourite Star Wars fan (with a sense of humour) to a piece of original art for their wall this Christmas!

 quot Ain t Found Shit quot by josh budich

"Ain't Found Shit!" by Joshua Budich

 quot Doesn t Look Druish quot

"Doesn't Look Druish" shows Barf, the "mawg" - half man, half dog and his own best friend

 There Goes the Planet by Joshua Budich

"There Goes the Planet" Dark Helmet uses "the Schwartz" to crush testicles

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