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Computer Arts Presents: The Portfolio Handbook

Computer Arts Portfolio Handbook

Your portfolio is your creative calling card: craft it cleverly and it has the power to catapult your career to the next level. But what should go in? What should you leave out? And how can you ensure more of the right people see your work?

This special edition from the makers of Computer Arts explains how to transform a quick browse of your design portfolio into your dream job or a paying commission.

Whether you’re looking to land new work, climb the career ladder or raise your professional standing, we bring you everything you need to know to assemble the perfect creative portfolio.

Highlights include:

  • Portfolio strategy – golden rules for compiling the prefect portfolio every time, whether your folio is digital or physical.
  • Expert advice for working your digital portfolio harder and standing out online, plus a UX masterclass and top tips for making an impression on the move.
  • Behance’s head community manager Sarah Rapp reveals how to make a splash on the portfolio platform.
  • Our indispensable guide to producing your print portfolio, whatever your budget.
  • Professional advice for crafting a killer showreel, with top tips from Framestore’s Anna Swift for how to impress your dream studio.
  • How to pull off the perfect presentation: we explain how to talk through your work and nail every interview.

Don't miss The Portfolio Handbook - on sale now. You'll find the print version in WHSmiths in the UK or here, and the digital edition on Apple Newsstand (UK edition or US edition).

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