DESIGN SPRING: 5 brand new illustrations!

Every Friday we're giving you a taste of what our FREE iPad app, Design Spring, has to offer. Here are just five of the imaginative illustrations we're adding to the app every day to provide you with a daily dose of design inspiration!

It's not just about illustration either - you'll also find graphic design work, typography, 3D work, and more on our free app, which offers zoom functionality and a search facility so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration, an art director trying to find someone to commission, or you just like looking at fabulous imagery, Design Spring will have something for you. So come on, download it today!

Precisely Krafted

Precisely Krafted by Peter King

Peter King is a graphic designer, who recently graduated from Shillington College in London. His work is mostly typography based and he has produced designs for the likes of Herman Miller and the Trebeca Film Festival. He's keen to learn new skills and to collaborate on projects, so don't hesitate to get in touch with him.

Urban Paris

Urban Paris by Ahmed Taouti

Ahmed Taouti is an independent graphic design consultant, focusing on logo design, brand identity design and print design. His interest in graphic design and illustration started in laying out books and creating artwork for cultural groups so he tends to be interested by art and culture related projects.

Robo City

Robo City by Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin is an Irish illustrator who loves, in equal parts, the traditional and the futuristic and occasionally likes to combine the two. His work, a mixture of ink and digital methods has resulted in a diverse collection of clients from an assortment of industries, including advertisers, animators, publishers, restauranteurs and entertainers. He's also an executive committee member of Illustrators Ireland.


Platypus by Alan Dalby

Alan Dalby is currently working as a freelance illustrator in Manchester. His cute and quirky style made us fall in love with his illustrations. He's currently working on his 'Animals' project, in which this charming Platypus is included.

Space Oddity

Space Oddity by Pablo Zárate

Pablo Zárate is an award-winning and published multidisciplinary designer with more than 10 years of experience. Based in Buenos Aires, he's currently working as a designer at FOX International Channels, inside the online division, creating and developing websites and apps.

If you'd like to see your work featured on Design Spring, please email Jim McCauley.