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QUIZ: Can you tell a photograph from a pencil drawing?

Here on Creative Bloq, we've featured a selection of phenomenally realistic pencil drawings, all of which could easily be mistaken for photographs. So, with this in mind, we decided to test your eye for detail in this little challenge.

Take a look at the following images and see if you can identify whether each one is a photo or pencil drawing. Then let us know your score in the comments box below.

Images credits: Paul Cadden, Paul Lung, Dirk Dzimirsky, Paul Politis, Nick Brandt, David Kao, Armin Mersmann, Larry Louie, Ansel Adams, Justin Meyers, Ken Lee, Roy McKeown.

How did you get on?

  • 100% – Eagle eye. You're amazing! Now go and tell all your friends.
  • 76-99% – Excellent work! You certainly have a keen eye.
  • 51-75% – Getting there. But we know you can do better - give it another go.
  • 26-50% – Not bad. But not great either. Have another try.
  • 0-25% – What happened? We think an eye test may be in order.