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Hand-drawn USBs for new Red Bull music release

It can be hard to stand out in the music industry. With many stores struggling to shift physical copies of new releases, it important to entice fans with something a little different. Itch has created these beautiful hand-drawn USB versions of his new album to launch in stores across the UK on February 8th 2013.

Itch enlisted the help of The Uprising Creative team to create the USBs for ‘Manifesto Part 2: We’re All In The Gutter’. Each unique piece forms part of a larger, complete artwork and was constructed using black marker and spray paint, which was then divided into smaller individual fragments.

Each unique piece forms part of a larger, complete artwork.

Each unique piece forms part of a larger, complete artwork.

"Artists these days are constantly looking for new ways to promote their work in genuinely interesting ways whilst also rewarding the most loyal fans." Itch explains, "this piece of artwork makes the album truly unique, but part of a bigger jigsaw that other fans will also own as a collective.”

There's a nice little touch to the project too; only five of the USBs are available at 13 specially selected locations throughout the UK. The first five people to find one at each location will walk away with this rare version of the EP.

Tom Welsh of the Uprising Creative says: “With the decline of high street music stores, innovative campaigns like these are essential for promoting independent music releases. Working with Itch was a great way to produce genuinely desirable content for his fans.”

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