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Illustrated journal reveals life of an Uber driver

what it's like to drive for Uber

The series has been made into a book titled '10,000 rides'

Since it's launch, American transportation company Uber has had its far share of controversy. However, that hasn't deterred it's continued success, and more people than ever are using the service to get around. But have you ever wondered what it's like to actually work for Uber?

Wonder no more, as this Kickstarter showcases the experiences of an Uber driver through an illustrated journal. Driver Chris Lin told his experiences to illustrator friend Scott Tuckfield, who spent over 200 hours producing sketches for each tale.

The Kickstarter aims to raise funds for the book '10,000 Rides,' which features the illustrations, comments, conversations and characters Lin encountered along the way. "I don't recommend reading these stories to your kids, unless you want them having nightmares about the complexities of the human kind!" laughs Lin.

what it's like to drive for Uber

That's right - cats get their own Uber

what it's like to drive for Uber

What sort of characters did Lin encounter?

what it's like to drive for Uber

We have a feeling this story will be a good one

what it's like to drive for Uber

Looks like you'll need the tissues at the ready for this one...

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