Superheroes get film-noir makeover

Spider-man as the 'Webslinger'

From Lego to papercraft and 3D to stop-motion, creatives just can't keep themselves from reimagining our favourite heroes - and here's another great example of how an artist can bring a new perspective to old favourites.

Marko Manev is a mixed-media artist, comic artist and writer, freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Based in Skopje, Macedonia, his love for comic book heroes is immediately apparent on his Behance page, filled with Marvel minimalist poster designs, Watchmen-inspired creations and more

Iron Man becomes 'The Armored Avenger'

He's clearly a graphic designer who enjoys putting his stamp on the comic book world's heroes, and we love this series of noir-inspired Superhero poster prints, which include Spider-man, Hulk, Wolverine and more. (The cinematic term 'noir' refers back to those stylish gangster films of the 1940s and 1950s that were full of attitudes, chain-smoking and sultry looks.)

The Dark Knight fits in perfectly with the noir style

Two of Marko's print designs from this collection have already sold out but if you'd like to get your hands on one of the creations, you can head on over to his Facebook page for more information.

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