Weird words brought to life in beautiful illustrations

unusual word illustrations

This illustration depicts 'Jettatura': the casting of an evil eye.

There are certain words within the English language that we rarely utter. So design duo James and Michael Fizgarald - also known as The Project Twins - have come up with a series of illustrations that visually represent them.

The pair are based in Ireland, working together in a range of disciplines including art, design and illustration on both personal and commercial projects. Curiosity, humour and wit are a predominant feature in their work. Their playful graphics have a bold and simple aesthetic and it's this simple aesthetic that makes these illustrations inspirational.

"This project explores the synthesis between form and content, and words and images with the aim of producing work that is both visually interesting and informative," they explain. The series contains a full A-Z of unusual words; we love all of them, and can't wait to try using them in a sentence!

Recumbentibus: A knockout punch, either verbal or physical

Acersecomic: A Person whose hair has never been cut

Harmartia: The character flaw or error of a tragic hero

Ostentiferious: Bring omens or unnatural or supernatural manisfestations

Scripturient: Possessing a violent desire to write

Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge

Zugzwang: A position in which any decision or move will result in problems

Yonderly—Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded

You can purchase prints of these illustrations on The Project Twins.

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