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Create striking comic art with the new ImagineFX

Comics have never been more popular – but it still takes hours of work and effort for someone to create that eye-catching artwork. Or, in the case of this issue's Black Panther cover, two people. The esteemed Ken Lashley provided the dynamic line art, and then colourist Juan Fernandez took over and brought the superhero to stunning life.

Also in the latest issue of ImagineFX, we cover past and present incarnations of Conan in the comics, concept artist and illustrator Iain McCaig talks about telling stories with his art, Admira Wijaya paints a realistic-looking Harley Quinn, plus readers send in their best work.

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Take a look at this preview of the new issue:

Also inside this packed edition of ImagineFX...

We take a peak at Vanessa Lemen's home studio, which she shares with her husband Ron, two kittens and a dog named Zoe.

Garrick Webster taps into the power of the mighty Conan, and charts the barbarian's adventures in comic form.

Edin Durmisevic shares his sketchbook art with us, and reveals a fondness for drawing kooky characters and creatures.

Amira Wijaya's realistic take on Harley Quinn presents the anti-hero as a figure spoiling for a fight.

Plus, get hold of over seven hours of exclusive pro video advice, custom brushes, painting tips and tricks, and more. Get your copy or subscribe today – you won't regret it!