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First new feature announced for InDesign CS7

Originally designed for the car industry in Japan, QR (Quick Response) codes are becoming ubiquituous in the modern world of marketing. But at the moment, there's no simple way to create them using Adobe InDesign without using a third-party plugin.

But that's all changing, as this newly released video teaser from Adobe shows. Because in the next release of InDesign, widely expected to be titled CS7, QR code generation will be baked in.

The video is low on detail, but it does demonstrate clearly how easy the new feature will be to use - you'll just have to click on 'Object' and choose 'Generate QR code' in the dropdown menu that appears.

A popup box will be produced, where the demonstrator in the video chooses 'Web Hyperlink' under the 'Type' option, and then adds their chosen URL. There'll even be a choice of colour (four are shown, but we're guessing you'll be able to add more).

More new features

If you want more details of the new feature, you'll have to wait, because that's all Adobe's saying right now.

But there is a trail at the end of the video pointing to the Adobe MAX event URL on May 6 where we're sure more exciting features for InDesign and other Adobe tools will be revealed...

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What new features would you like to see in InDesign CS7? Let us know in the comments below!