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Become a creative genius in 5 days with this infographic

Creative genius infographic

Could you become a creative genius in just five days?

The start of a new year is a popular time to try something new and to set yourself challenges for the months ahead. To mark the beginning of 2019 – which we're already sure is going to be crammed with creative projects – we thought we'd revisit an infographic from Zippi, which shows you how to start making your masterpiece in less than a week.

Stuffed with tips on how to get inspiration, tackle creative block and promote yourself, this colourful infographic walks you through each day of the process. In just five days you could be well on your way to finishing that project you put off last year.

Scroll through the image below to read the whole infographic – or hit the icon in the top right of the image to see the full-sized version. If this inspires you to design your own data visualisation, take a look at our list of top infographic tools.

Click the icon in the top right to view the large version

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