10 best sci-fi fonts

You may think there are lots of sci-fi films and TV shows out there, but they're just peanuts to the number of fonts floating around the internet. From handwriting fonts to graffiti fonts, there are hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from. 

Today we're looking at sci-fi fonts, so set your phasers to stun and put your spacesuit on as we fly through 10 of the best space age typesets.

01. Sutton Who

Ooo-eee-ooo, it's a Doctor Who font

Format: TTF

Inspired by the 1980s neon tube Doctor Who logo (which itself was based on Formula One), this labour of love by Graham Kibble-White lets fans and designers recreate the font from the show's opening titles. Available as a three-font set, you can download this sci-fi font for free.

02. Star Jedi

This is the font you're looking for

Format: TTF

Even the most sci-fi-adverse designers will recognise that the Star Jedi font bears a striking resemblance to a certain film saga set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Based on the official Star Wars typeface, complete with all its tilting and various connections, this is the font you need if you want to make your own opening crawl. You can download it for free for both personal and commercial use.

03. Transformers

Give your work a Michael Bay Transformers look (minus lens flare)

Format: TTF

If you're a fan of those robots in disguise, this Transformers-style sci-fi font is for you. However instead of using the typeface from the original cartoon series, this set is based on the blockbuster films by Michael Bay. It's free to download and comes with numbers and symbols.

04. Matrix

Don't take the red pill, grab this font instead

Format: TTF

With a scratchy, glitchy appearance that looks like you've just downloaded something seriously dodgy, Matrix is a font set based on the classic 1999 sci-fi film of the same name. Extended to the whole alphabet, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols, this is the perfect font for cyberpunks looking to free their minds. Grab it for personal use for free.

05. Dynatron

Get the B movie look with Dynatron

Format: OTF

Sci-fi buffs will be all too familiar with the American pulp fiction magazine Amazing Stories. This stalwart publication has an important place in the history of science fiction, so if you want to emulate its style Dynatron is the sci-fi font to go for. Pick up both fonts in the family for £59.99.

06. Geom Graphic

This font is perfectly suited to anime and manga projects

Format: OTF

Influenced by Japanese robot animations from the 80s, the Geom Graphic family is a geometric sans-serif font available in four weights with matching italics. It's ideally suited to futuristic logos, movies and games. Download the eight fonts for £89.99.

07. Space Colony

Space Colony was originally created for retro robot animations

Format: OTF

Starting out as sketches, Space Colony has been a few years in the making. The wait was worth it though, as this wide and geometric sci-fi font family would look perfect on cartoons, animations and character merchandise. You can get the six weights for £67.99.

08. Steel

Steel is often used in poster and logo designs

Format: TT

With a chunky metallic finish that feels like it's fresh out of a Marvel movie adaptation, Steel is the font of choice if you need a type set that looks like it belongs in The Avengers. Available as part of a three-font family, you can buy it now for £55.99.

09. Deadspace

In space no one can hear you scream (at bad kerning)

Format: OTF, TT

With its steep curves and tight formatting, Deadspace would look at home on a computer readout from a spacey Playstation 2 shooter. Give your projects a retro-futuristic look by downloading this font for £10.99.

10. Back to the Future 2002

When this font hits 88mph, you're going to see some serious stuff

Format: TTF

Fonts don't come much more recognisable than the slanted typeface in the Back to the Future logo. With this family named after the time travel trilogy you get both the forwards and backwards slanted letterforms to play around with to your heart's delight. Download it for free.

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