5 Apple products reimagined as iCar concept cars


Is Apple set to release their own line of electric cars? That's the rumour currently surrounding the tech company, with reports suggesting that they're developing an iCar to rival the likes of Tesla. This wouldn't be the first time a tech giant has waded into the world of motoring as Google have already developed a self-driving car, so maybe the rumour isn't as ridiculous as it seems.

But what would an iCar look like? Apple have been design trail-blazers over the years with their devices reshaping the user experience and how people interact with technology, so would their cars be equally innovative? To give you a taste of how an Apple car might look, NeoMam Studios have created five concept cars based on previous Apple devices for Click Mechanic.

Using everything from the original chunky Macintosh to the sleek new iPhone 7 as inspiration, these cars offer a playful glimpse into how Apple might have made cars in years gone by. Scroll through the gallery below to explore all the designs.

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The Apple Macintosh 128K looks like it would be as tough and reliable as a Volvo
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An iMac G3 car looks as sleek and compact as a smartcar
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Which colour would you go for?
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The iCar Power takes its inspiration from the metallic PowerBook G4
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The incredibly thin MacBook Air becomes a lightweight car that can reach phenomenal speeds
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The iCar 7 looks powerful and formidable, but does it have a headphone socket?

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