5 insightful quotes to inspire creative people


Ask any artist, designer or creative director to define creativity, and chances are you'll hear a slightly different answer each time. To help nail down exactly what it means to be creative, as well as providing words of wisdom and inspiration to artists of all stripes, content director and editor Zachary Petit has made a book of insightful quotes related to the topic.

Titled Treat Ideas Like Cats, the book takes its name from a quote by Ray Bradbury: "That's the great secret to creativity. You treat ides like cats: you make them follow you." Each carefully designed page spells out an inspiring message, which Petit hopes will become the ultimate creativity catalyst.

We've managed to get a sneak preview of the book, including five quotes which you can read below. With their striking layout and carefully chosen words, each one is sure to help you out of a creative rut and plough on with your latest project.

Treat Ideas Like Cats: And Other Creative Quotes to Inspire Creative People is out on November 18.

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You can't rush a genius
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Condiments and creativity, together at last
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Opposites attract, even when it comes to creativity
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Maybe day-dreaming isn't such a bad thing
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These creativity quotes could help make your dreams come true

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