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Christmas becomes a living nightmare in this hilarious video

A lot of Christmas traditions are quite bizarre when you think about it. Why do we drag trees into our homes? Where does pulling crackers come from? Is there a reason candy canes are associated with the festive period? Only Google knows.

One of the stranger images associated with Christmas are the lyrics to the Twelve Days of Christmas. Through the course of the endless verses, the song details a ludicrous array of gifts bestowed to the hapless singer. Even in theory the idea of getting dozens of geese and golden rings sounds ridiculous, but this animation produced by Anomaly imagines how surreal it would be in reality.

Written, directed and produced by Anomaly, the funny short animation stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the unfortunate recipient of Christmas gifts that overrun her small London flat.

Oli Beale, executive creative director at Anomaly says: "At Anomaly, if we find something interesting or funny or entertaining or bird-related, we just like to make it. And we have the people here needed to bring almost anything to life. (Within reason. We’re not going to, like, invent a new space ship or something. But production wise, we can do the full shebang.) This is our gift of entertainment to the nation this Christmas."

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