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Create highly customised brushes with powerful drawing app

Digital artists can now create their own perfectly personalised brushes with the help of Black Ink from Bleank. The first digital drawing app to introduce brush shading, Black Ink allows artists and designers to personalise their brushes down to the pixel, or use simple sliders when they want less something less specific. 

Each brush can be used with gradient and image-based colour functions. Black Ink comes loaded with plenty of samples to show you what's possible and send you on your way. And thanks to Black Ink's GPU-based rendering engine, users can experience a blazing fast performance on any picture resolution.

“Some artists want to use sliders, others want to use code,” said David Toyou, lead programmer and co-founder of Bleank. “With Black Ink 0.300, each person will have everything they need to make their brushes as simple or as elaborate as they want.”

See the custom brush creator in action in the video below. Black Ink is currently available for $39.99 until 19 February (usual price $59.99).

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