Create a custom sticker brush in Artrage

I use the Sticker Spray in ArtRage – a fabulous art tool, particularly if you make your own brush heads for it. While it seems a bit of a rigmarole at first, the paint app is well worth the effort. I’ve made foliage brushes that have become very useful.

It’s a three stage process: a) paint a Sticker sheet; b) load the Sticker sheet; c) adjust the settings. Easy, huh? So what is a Sticker sheet? It’s the image(s) which the tool sprays. It can comprise a single image or multiple images (as we tackle here). At stage (b) it becomes obvious why the images need to be arranged in a grid – that’s how the Sticker Spray is built, to read the image. There are row and column setting windows to input grid settings. Painting multiple dabs according to a grid means you’ll be able to load them as a Sticker sheet.

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English artist Nick Harris switched to a digital canvas in 2000, after 18 years of using traditional media. Most of his work involves creating artwork for children’s books, though he has also dabbled in animation, including some background work on the hit 1988 film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". He has supplied a wealth of advice and tutorial help for illustrators in ImagineFX magazine.