Superheroes become childish idiots in these amazing web comics

We all love superheroes, but don't you just wish that they were a little less strait-laced sometimes? Always tirelessly battling for truth and justice and standing steadfastly against evil; obviously it's nice that someone's doing it, but you wouldn't want to get stuck in a lift with any of them.

It's a thought that's clearly occurred to comic artist Kerry Callen, and in response he's created a series of web comics entitled Super Antics, in which classic DC superheroes show off their childish sides to fantastic effect.

Oh, Superman.

And so if you've ever felt that Superman is just a bit too much of a goody-two-shoes, you're in for a treat here as he makes idiotic mix-ups, acts like a dick and plays stupid pranks on Batman, The Flash and anyone else who provokes his ire, including a loudmouthed kid who feels the need to make the obvious joke about him wearing his underpants on the outside.

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It's what we've all wanted him to do
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You can't beat a good custard pie gag
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Wonder Woman gets the chance to be a dick, too

It's all shamefully funny, and the best thing about Super Antics, we reckon, is how Callen has absolutely nailed the look of Golden Age DC comics in his series, from the art style and colours through to the fact that you can make out stuff printed on the other side of the page, just as you would with pocket-money comics printed on the cheapest possible paper.

This is how it really happened. True story.

You can find Callen's Super Antics – as well as lots more artwork inspired by classic comics – over on his blog, but someone's thoughtfully collected all 10 of them (as well as a whole bunch of extra comics also poking fun at the good old days of comic art) on Imgur. We particularly love the one that pinpoints the moment in the 1980s when Batman suddenly went from knockabout hero to the vengeance-driven Dark Knight; find it here.

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