How to create a Blade Runner-inspired poster

The ImagineFX team got in touch with me to create the cover image for their film art issue. Their interest was piqued by my fan art piece for the video game The Last of Us, and the series of artworks I created for The Witcher 3 limited edition steelbooks. I was asked to paint a piece of art based on the 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner, by focusing on the character of Rachael and then incorporating futuristic architecture from the film, just like I did with Ellie from Naughty Dog’s game. This workshop will take you through my creative process.

 I’ll start by explaining my approach to the concept stage, where one needs to focus on defining the idea for the artwork and the general composition. Later on I’ll explain how to find the right tone for the artwork by choosing the best reference photographs and colour scheme.

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Krzysztof Domaradzki is a graphic designer and artist who works in various fields of visual communication. He specialises in illustration and likes making typography experiments.