Your 80s alt-rock heroes become comic book villians


For the anarchic artist Butcher Billy, pop culture mash-ups appear to be his subject matter of choice. Having already created pop art prints that blended Charles Bukowski quotes with the distinctive stylings of Roy Lichtenstein, the Brazilian illustrator is back at it again with these post-punk inspired posters.

Considering Butcher Billy's wild streak, pairing post-punk legendaries with comic book baddies seems like a logical leap. The set of 12 characters sees the likes of Blondie and Robert Smith merge with fictional favourites such as Harley Quinn and The Joker.

The notorious bunch are grouped together in what Butcher Billy calls the Supervillain Squad Series. Flick through the full set below, and if you like what you see you can pick up clothing, phone cases, bags and more decked out with the dastardly musicians on Butcher Billy's Redbubble page.

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The Smiths' Morrissey becomes a Bizarro Superman
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Ian Curtis looks cool as Mr Freeze
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Robert Smith is strangely suited to The Joker
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Debbie Harry rocks the jester look as Harley Quinn
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Mark Mothersbaugh speeds in as Zoom
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David Byrne confounds viewers as The Riddler
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Gary Numan reads your mind as Brainiac
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Catwoman's wily ways suit Siouxsie Sioux and The Banshees
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Adam Ant's name and look is perfectly suited to Black Adam
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Two Face's split personality is summed up with these Public Image Limited lyrics
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Howard Deveto cuts a dash as a retro Sinestro
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Ian McCulloch chills out as Captain Cold