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How designers work: Kyle Bean talks commercial artwork

Kyle Bean made this eye-catching chicken sculpture entirely from egg shells.

Kyle Bean made this eye-catching chicken sculpture entirely from egg shells.

Brit designer Kyle Bean’s work straddles the boundaries between sculpture, product design and illustration. It's easy to see why he’s worked with the likes of the Design Museum, CUT magazine and Selfridges.

Kyle Bean is good. Very good. So anything we can learn from him about the creative process will be like info-gold dust. Right? Notepads at the ready...

QUESTION: So Kyle Bean, what REALLY inspires you?

Friends and family, films, craftsmanship, people who are passionate about what they do, old gadgets, wooden toys...

QUESTION: What are the biggest challenges you face?

Predicting how long things are going to take me to make (always tricky when time is limited on a project). And as things get busier, I find it a challenge juggling several jobs.

QUESTION: What do you enjoy most about your job?

It feels like a natural progression from my childhood interests. I basically get to be a big child.

QUESTION: Describe a typical Kyle Bean day...

I like to get up early so I have enough time to get myself ready to start work at 9am with my creative head-on. I have a room at home that I use as my studio space, so travelling to the 'office' just involves walking down the hallway.

Depending on the job, I normally like to get on and do most of the handcrafting work early in the day. I usually find that I work better in the mornings and early afternoons.

I'll pop out to the stationery shop in the afternoon to stock up on supplies for the next day and get some fresh air. I'll usually try not to work past 7pm. However, if a big deadline's looming, then it sometimes can't be avoided!

QUESTION: What are your tips for a more successful career?

  • Stay curious about things as much as possible
  • Find something that helps you re-set when your stuck for inspiration. I love going to the cinema, for example.
  • Do some personal work if commercial work ends up taking you down a route you are not entirely happy with.

You can see more of Kyle Bean's work, as well as an in-depth interview on the Computer Arts website.