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Heinz cooks up a new logo with Kraft Foods

Heinz and Kraft Foods are two of the biggest food processing groups in the world. Chances are we've all eaten a can of beans distributed by one of these giant companies.

Kraft logo

Kraft Foods is one of the world's biggest food processors

July saw the merging of Kraft Foods and Heinz, creating the logically named Kraft Heinz Company. Now the fifth largest food and beverage business in the world, the Kraft Heinz Company packs an impressive portfolio of household names.

As far as consumers are concerned, one of the most notable differences will be the introduction of the Kraft Heinz logo.

Kraft Heinz logo

The Kraft Heinz logo merges the two big brand names

Taking each brand name out of their iconic borders and squishing them together with the help of a tapered letter 't', the logo reflects the merging of the two food groups. With the help of bold colouring, shoppers are reassured that they're still buying the same foods they know and love.

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