TGI Fridays rolls out new logo

NEW LOGO: Simplified shape, no apostrophe

American restaurant chain TGI Fridays has carved out a name for itself across the world for its towering burgers, plentiful fries and alcoholic milkshakes. But since it was founded in 1965 by Alan Stillman, who opened the first one in East Manhattan in order to help him meet women, it's had pretty much the same logo, resembling an old-time bar sign (below).

Now the company is rolling out this new, cleaner and more contemporary-looking logo design (above) to its restaurants across the globe. The trademark colour scheme and stripes of all remain, but the new design is now far more streamlined inside a simple rectangle. The letters are now all in capitals, rather than the mixture of sentence case and title case of the previous design, and, most notably, the punctuation has all gone - even the apostrophe in "Friday's".

OLD LOGO: This more ornate and quirky design has been in place since 2004

OLDEST LOGO: The original design served the company from 1965 to 2004

The new logo is already being used on this website and in a new TV ad campaign:

The company has launched a special website

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