Hooters launches new logo

NEW LOGO: The revamped design was based on consumer research

Hooters is one of the US's top brands and is a peculiarly American institution - a restaurant chain where a mainstream customer base, including families with children, are served buffalo wings and chilli dogs by female staff recruited largely on the basis of their vital statistics. Much like the concept itself, the company's logo design (below) served for 30 years as an example of a design that shouldn't work, but does. Now, though, Hooters has decided the time has come to update it.

Atlanta design firm Sky Design has given the logo a more modern streamlined look (above), although the essential details remain, including the cartoon typography, the owl and the double-entendre use of the bird's eyes.

As part of the design process, different owl designs were presented to 300 consumers, and the one chosen was preferred roughly nine to one over the old design. Over the next few months the logo will be rolled out across the brand, appearing on waitress uniforms, menus and, eventually signage.

OLD LOGO: previously, the owl was less cartoony and more illustrative

[via USA Today]

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