6 unconventional logo designs that actually work

A company's logo design says a huge amount about its personality, tone of voice and service. For this reason, most large companies opt for a smart, formal logo to convey a business-like, professional image.

But some brands prefer to be a bit more quirky and unusual with their logo. If a company is a little off-the-wall, an unusual logo design can be a great way of getting attention and standing out.

Here we've rounded up seven logo designs that are a little out of the ordinary. Each one is beautifully designed, unusual and creative. We hope this collection gives you some ideas for your next logo design project, and encourages you to do something a bit different...

01. Hipmunk

We love the subtle arrow that forms the dot above the 'i' in this fun and friendly logo

Hipmunk is a travel search site that aims to take the agony out of planning your trips, and this fun and friendly logo was created by company founder Alexis Ohanian. We love the subtle arrow that forms the dot above the 'i' – it's this kind of subtle but important detail that makes a logo design work just that bit harder.

03. MNML

This logo design for MNML uses negative space brilliantly

MNML is a publication that informs readers about minimalist architecture and design, aimed at 20-35 year old art lovers. It uses a minimalist design and colour palette to portray the topic, and this logo design by its creator, graphic designer Cassandra Cappello, is a brilliant use of negative space.

04. GitHub

Back in 2013, social coding community GitHub streamlined its logo design. It continues to use of the Octocat mascot to give it a fun and friendly feel.

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