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Building a better burger with HTML and CSS

McDonald's has certainly not been afraid to push the envelope on the web. A case in point is its contest site, My Burger, developed by digital agency Cartelle Interactive in collaboration with Razorfish London.

The 'burger builder' tool lets users build their perfect burger – with the winner's creation finding its way onto the menu.

Johnny Slack, partner and development lead at Cartelle, said it was a challenge to condense the features down to a fun and simple form. He recalls, "The playstation interface was used as a reference quite a bit in the earlier stages of the UI – how it snaps and moves."

The clever animation effects relied on some smart work with libraries.

The clever animation effects relied on some smart work with libraries.

The site's animation is particularly impressive. For this, Cartelle used libraries by Greensock, including TweenMax, Draggable and ThrowPropsPlugin – its weapons of choice for Tweening and momentum-based animation.

"We're very focused on craft," says Slack, "and we try to remove as much static as we can from the equation until we're down to what's essential for making a mint interactive product."

Words: Geri Coady

Geri Coady is a colour-obsessed freelance illustrator and web designer, author of A Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility and net's Designer of the Year 2014. Follow her on Twitter at @hellogeri.

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